Daffy About The Dills

Brazen bright delight

Sunning themselves like bountiful buttery flies

Akin to the postal service legend

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow

Keeps these blossoms from their appointed rounds

In every inch of earth in which they can and do dig their roots

They hold on and up in the winds

Hanging on with bulbous feathered feet

Humans and squirrels have planted

And replanted this sprinkling of sunshine on lush green Spring palette

Waving pointed petals, they seem to say

Why should we bow our heads to anyone or anything

Be it snowfall or ice balls peppering our plumes

We are here

Having pushed our hardy stems upward toward the light

Proclaiming we are light ourselves

We will not be denied

We are pure post winter perfection

Towering in pots and plots

Over barely budding hyacinth pinks and tony tulips

We are strong

Here at last


As before

And before

Springing refreshing hope from darkness to light

We of the curious appellation are joy!

A smile from Mother Earth to all.

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