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A Good Look In A Full Length Mirror

June 4, 2016

by Florence Ondré    c.7/5/99


there it was staring back at me

full of doubt, discomfort and discouragement

the image of frustration and fearfulness

the judgement of years of not good enough

a frame around a forever changing façade

years flying by in reflection

looking good for nanoseconds

still, never quite good enough


breathing in bits of courage

prying eyes from the want to turn away

I glance at the nakedness of the familiar stranger in that glowering glass

someone I’m afraid I’ll know and not like

a blink and every wrinkle, bulge, bone and contour

cling to the lingering lens

all that I did not like or approve of was waiting there


tremulous, almost too quiet for dogs ears to hear

the words slip semi-silently from mouth to air

“You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

I love you.”

‘oh, not good enough’ rings in my ears

and I feel foolish and false

day after day, the same act plays out upon this silver-backed stagepiece

cardboard-cutout rote

until the moment arrives when the foolishness fades…a little…

when awkwardness softens, my gauging gaze befriends

when the bulges become curves; bones artistic angles;

wrinkles warmth of wear; hair a halo;

when the voice inside attempts more than

a whisper of the extended hand of friendship,

in soft reply,


‘yes, I might be’ ‘yes, I think I am’

‘yes’ unfolding from within me, in each new day;

each new lesson; each new opportunity to stretch my wings

and notice that they are stretching far beyond my wildest dreams

I’m a butterfly, a bluebird, an eagle,

a metamorphosis of all I was, thought I was, am now,

wished I could be and am becoming

spirit flying free


so much more than good enough

this reflection that faces me from within..

within a good look in a full length mirror.




Project Hope

June 11, 2014

by Florence Ondré      8/5/13


Project Hope has helped us cope


With surviving superstorm sandy


Victim’s pace given space


Unwrapped us like Halloween candy


Waves came in crashing; homes and lives smashing


In aftermath, sane was old news


Broken and bent; energy spent


We straggled in by ones and twos


Stranger than fiction, our stories of friction


Sparked up a new kind of flame


Within difference in some, rose a new kind of one


Acknowledging so much the same


A circle was born in piece-mealish form


Leading onward by gentlest crew


Sometimes we’re myopic and slightly off topic


Still one as we all muddle through


In rants, tears and raving, our own lives we’re saving


While feeling we’ve gone down the drain


A labrynthian reeling without any ceiling


Upheaves every cell of our brain


Rules change hours by day; in Machiavellian way


To hamper and truncate our path


Driven b.s. crazy, we’re a little less hazy


By Monday night’s sharing our wrath


Overwhelming sadness gains glimpses of gladness


With topics for practising focus


Unravelling together helps us all weather


Seeing real under pure hocus pocus


We curse worse than sailors; we’re weepers and wailers


Losers of faith, family, friends


We’re tattered and torn; on winds of change shorn


Of all we thought we could depend


Each week we unfold; heart warm from the cold


Tentative, baby skin new


Bedraggled and strange; shocked, rearranged


With courage, we show up the few


Patience at nil; in repetitive drill


It can look like we’re stuck in the mud


Then just when we’re weary of hearing things dreary


Insight can land with a thud


Understanding arises with smiles and surprises


Just when we think that we’re done


The importance we share is the fact that we care


When the rest of the world’s cut and run


Recovery’s brutal with not much in neutral


Nothing of rest or reprieve


With lies and deceit the dim, daily treat


Monday night is our one sure relieve


We can say what we wouldn’t in couldn’t and shouldn’t


Honesty down to the core


Without judge and jury, emptying sorrow and fury


Eases this surgical chore


A word on an easel helps with retrieval


Of strengths we’ve forgotten we had


Giving us pause and plausible cause


To see our inner good in a mountain of bad


In this circle, there’s quiet, weird rhythm and riot


As we talk, listen, flail and sit still


The longer we stay, we learn each in our own way


That the road is not always uphill


And if only brief moment in constant, contentious foment


There’s a place to speak honest, truth, free


Here victims can rise through any storm skies


To become victors eventually.



Thank you, Chris, Jackie & Mohamad for your kind, gentle, nourishing, caring and constancy in a world gone off the rails.  Lights-off moments in mini meditation, held off until we felt safer, gave us the small yet powerful pieces of peace to take to our mats and shelters. You have reminded us that we have the power to stand in the center of our own peace. You are in our hearts always.


To Project Hope: Thank you for being. The gift of the creation of your existence gave us, survivors of superstorm sandy, a much needed light on a path through the darkness of our great losses; our homes, community and lives as we knew them.

100 Words

August 15, 2013

by florence ondré


One hundred words, merely a few

Thoughts set down to read to you

What to write about, I muse

Worthy subjects yet to choose

Something funny, maybe dark

From the mind or the heart

Future forward, reminisce

Timely tale, dream or wish

Must make sense directions say

So, on this page, I wend my way

Through topic possibilities

Visiting before time flees

Merely momentary blink

None becoming pen point’s ink

One hundred words, so large a chore

Just one hundred. not one more

Now, I’m counting as I write

Gads!  There is no end in sight!

Brain- diminished…..

100!!  I’ve finished!

Nature, Cheaper Than Therapy

August 8, 2013

When I feel disappointed, demeaned or demanded

And wondering why life gets so hard, underhanded

I sit somehwere green where a breeze softly blows

Allowing sweet grasses to tickle my toes

And gaze on a garden of earthly delight

Until inner vision clears a daily sight

Of hurts and frustration, and human behavior

Flowers can be both a balm and a savior

For showing me when I feel I’m at my end

There’s always a way of  beginning again

In flowery reflection, colorful hues

I’m shown new pathways to heal and renew

The  broken and bentness which comes with each pain

Can drop like Spring blossoms pelted by rain

Dashed into earth, covered by mud

Blended with branches, each breaking a thud

Of dropping away, falling to rise

Life and continuum, Mother Nature’s devise

Mourning the passing of seasonal souls

I let go of wanting and wishing controls

And sink into allowing another illusion

Silently noticing brings new conclusion

Of what is essential and what is not needed

How, without my touch, life’s garden gets weeded

All I have to do is stop and let go

Walk in the woods, watch growing to know

That all is in order, no matter my little view

For if flowers can push concrete

I too can get through…


Day In Haiku

March 28, 2013

Less pain,  more movement

Stretching, what  luxury of

Body, mind, spirit

Daffy About The Dills

March 23, 2013

Brazen bright delight

Sunning themselves like bountiful buttery flies

Akin to the postal service legend

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow

Keeps these blossoms from their appointed rounds

In every inch of earth in which they can and do dig their roots

They hold on and up in the winds

Hanging on with bulbous feathered feet

Humans and squirrels have planted

And replanted this sprinkling of sunshine on lush green Spring palette

Waving pointed petals, they seem to say

Why should we bow our heads to anyone or anything

Be it snowfall or ice balls peppering our plumes

We are here

Having pushed our hardy stems upward toward the light

Proclaiming we are light ourselves

We will not be denied

We are pure post winter perfection

Towering in pots and plots

Over barely budding hyacinth pinks and tony tulips

We are strong

Here at last


As before

And before

Springing refreshing hope from darkness to light

We of the curious appellation are joy!

A smile from Mother Earth to all.

Day In Haiku- Happy Spring

March 22, 2013

Take a look outside

Giant  snowflakes are falling

Nope. Now they’re ice balls!

Memory And Intention

July 17, 2012

Oh, if I could quote all the quotes that have enriched my being…

Oh, if I could share all the quotes that have enlivened my mind…

Oh, if I could remember all those profound words strung together in Spring air on laundry lines of meaning…

I would….

If I could.


The Peaceful Quiet

June 22, 2012

After sunshine for days; all raucous, brightening up the blooms and showing off vivid hues of flowers stretching their petals wide to drink in life giving light, today curtains of  rain hush everything to droplets pitter pattering down from a soft grey shawl of a sky to gladden and glisten every green rising from Mother Earth.  I look out my window and see at least 20 different kinds of emerald, jade, forest, apple, loden, olive and lime.  It is a lush day; plumped up and satiated by the misty mystery of God’s sprinkler system.

And all doings which call to my mind, ‘come play,’ sit down in wet wonder and drink in the peaceful quiet.

I Wrote A Song And It Woke Me Up

June 8, 2011

can’t remember the words

they’re lyrics i never have heard

still they sounded so neat in a melody sweet

written for someone i may or not meet.


it was shared in a rhythmic space

circular motion the time in the place

was it worth the daring?  question way beyond caring

soul upon sleeve  ready wearing


the one near my side sung unusually

from warmth of  low notes to high coolly

rust revealing the wealth stuck on long ago shelf

moved me to add thoughts the shape of myself


pure sound that encompassed all seasons

poured forth with no hint of known reasons

it was simply a stair from inside to mid air

from a voice most surprisingly fair


all at once i was speaking  rhyme

syllables one at a time

fitting the sounds i was hearing in rounds

wondering who this was for human bound


the pairing united in song

uncharted, unplanned feelings strong

it was may -no- september-heck, i can’t remember


it’s gone off on its own!

Day In Haiku

June 1, 2011

Green all around me

Spring colors in profusion

So why am I blue?

Day In Haiku

May 23, 2011

Cascading petals

Covering green with pink snow

Cherry blossomly.

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