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Quote For The Day & The Gratitude Pool

March 9, 2009

“There are some days (or some moments in the day) when I’m not feeling grateful for either what i have or what I have escaped.
So sorry to say it -yet it’s the truth.
I’m reminded that there’s gratitude deep down inside me somewhere and it will appear again.
I have the funny feeling it’s going to pop out in feeling funny.”
Florence Ondré


Quote For The Day

March 9, 2009

“If you can’t be content with what you have received, be thankful for what you have escaped.”

Quote For The Day

March 6, 2009

“Before eating, always take time to thank the food.”


Day In Haiku

February 26, 2009


Haiku sharing joy

View in sparsity of words

Crystalized exchange


this haiku was written for those who haiku and exchange thoughts & experiences in this word form expression.

thanks for sharing the joy.

Florence Ondré

Quote For The Day

February 20, 2009

“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy” — Jacques Maritain

The Gratitude Pool

February 19, 2009

In a week filled with myriad challenges, gratitude is the calm in the storm; the safe haven to stop and take a breath and give over all to Source and allow Spirit to bring about outcomes far better than I can imagine. 
Realizing human shoulders are not always as big as I think they are, is like a cool drink of water on the heat of a desert day.
I’m grateful to let go..even when it is hard living in the leap.
In Light and Love,

Quote For The Day

February 16, 2009

“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

Ode To A/C

July 26, 2007

On breath of heat from throated sun
Wilting like wildflowers coming undone
I take to the coolness of human made things
Like iced air from machines puffing up my wings
With sweet respite from seasonal mariahs
Pavement a baking with nature’s fires
Drink in through pores smoothing the skin
Feeling the softness of my soul within
Sinking into comfort; a raw relief
From second to second restores belief
Feeling pleasure over pains
Enjoying both natural and invented gains
Creativity born from mind and need
Is a helpful and beautiful thing indeed.
So, hail to inventors of all kinds
Who flow energy to fruition from their minds.
I think of you all in gratitude
As the air of conditioning smooths my mood.

The Gratitude Pool

July 25, 2007

It’s great to be alive and, though on some days I don’t feel so, there is some small nugget which catches my soul’s eye and calls, “Take me to your heart, I’ll fit.”

The Gratitude Pool

June 8, 2007

Who would have thought a full night’s sleep would rate so high on the Richter scale of things most cherished?

Not getting up once to have to pee or rub analgesics on or take a pain pill; wow!

Feeling comfortable in any sleep position without body parts grouching or complaining or keeping zzz’s away until you black out from sheer fatigue: double wow!

Talk about your natural highs; without cliff hanging in any way whatsoever!

And this comes my way after a day of intense spine and neck pain to the point of nausea, after a morning acupuncture session, afternoon grocery shopping and forgetting to eat all day.

I am the most surprised woman on the planet and happily so.

I thank the Angels, Master Healers of the Universe, ancestors and loved ones crossed over and God for any and all help in giving me this most luxurious gift…a full night’s restfull-and I do mean full-sleep.

How sweet it is to stretch in the morning with ease; to feel the softness of sheets and the comfort of bed and pillow; to love my body’s elasticity.

What awe to find that the clock announces 9:30AM  instead of 3, 4, 5 and 6AM after gettinginto bed at midnight.

I am so thankful that shift happens!

The Gratitude Pool

May 31, 2007

I’m grateful today for the tiniest bit of ease.

A breath of cool air in the middle of a non breathable, hot day; the moistness of water as it slakes the dryness of one’s throat; the softness of cotton on the skin; a bit of food to delight the tongue and stem the stomach’s rumblings; the ability to move one’s limbs; a smile; a kind word; rest in safe harbor at the end of the day…all are precious moments of noticing good, like patches of Silver Swords on the slopes of a volcano.

There is enough pain, frustration, disappointment and discomfort pounding down around us in the workplace, home responsibilities, interactions and expectations to cause a giant “Arrgghh!” to rise Heavenward.

They don’t call it the daily grind for nothin’.

The Gratitude Pool

May 24, 2007

More than time to dip the toe in the pool of gratitude.

I’m so grateful to write online again after 4 months of not being physically able.  I’m grateful for rest and replenishment and grateful to have become more acutely aware of the need for balance in the expenditure of that precious commodity-my energy.

I’m grateful for oxygen getting to my brain and brightening my senses and for every physical ability this amazing thing called a body can do—especially healing itself…if only I give it the honor of resting time in which to complete its resetting and restructuring in ways better than I can imagine.

I’m grateful to know also that, no matter what anyone else thinks,  I am just perfect wherever I am in the process of healing.   There is no “too slow” or “too fast.”  There is only perfection in each moment and the less I struggle against what is, the better I go…(or not).

In Light and Love,


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