Hall Marked

Today is what is marked on calendars, “Father’s Day.”

A Sunday where guys are getting Hallmark and Home Depot cards and dinner out or meals prepared by loving spouses in aprons with children making paste hand prints or paintings to give.


How many of us have tried to live up to what young, magazine toting women of today try to do; like photoshopped images purporting to be reality  which hold out myths, we are pushed to aspire toward being an impossible dream.

Someone’s made up vision of what we should all look, feel and be like.

So much in life pops out of the pressure cooker of have to’s and should’s and yet there are people who would if they could but they can’t.

For some who either didn’t have a present parent or those who had Fathers (or Mothers) they wished they hadn’t, this can be a sad day where one can feel left out of society, less than,  empty or misfit.

What do we do for the family shredding apart or experiencing death?

What feelings arise from those  who feel like the round pegs in a world of square holes?

This day can be assaulting, saddening and depressing; a challenge to just get though to Monday.

A day made up on a calendar specially inked as Father or Mother’s Day, sounds like a good idea.

Who wouldn’t want to be honored, feted and appreciated with a day dedicated to you?

I’m thinking of renaming these festivals of the greeting card brigade.

A You Day!

A who day?

Yep, you heard right…a new day.

A You Day.

Where no one gets left out and everyone is special and available for appreciation.

An all inclusive holiday.

Everyone, as they are who they are.


Because we are all special; doing our best to make each day as good as it can be; being as present as possible in each moment; breathing; green and growing at our own natural paces and places; helping others; doing the best job we can in career, family, community and our world.

I’m not saying celebrating Mom’s and Dad’s is anything but worthy.

I’m simply saying we are all worthwhile as we are, where we are and that, in some wonderful way, we all nurture and nourish each other every day.

In varieties of instances, we are all mother or father to someone or something.

No losers; all winners. All inclusive; none left out.

All loving, creative beings with heart, good intentions and integrity on individual paths, learning and teaching lessons of compassion and love.

Deserving of recognition and respite.

All of us who come into being to bless and be blessed by one another.

Happy You Day!

Good job!


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