The To Do List

The list of what I think must get done each day is generally long and well prepared days in advance, or at least the night before days.

Then morning dawns and the Universe rearranges every item like the squirrels do in autumn after the bulbs have been planned, patterned and planted.  Spring shows us how the bushy tails have rearranged everything in their fall endeavors prior to oncoming Winter snows.

Right in the middle of the green grassed backyard, a lone and vibrant violet tulip will pop up like a jack in the box.  In the front flower bed of persimmon and plum, a bright yellow solo tulip stands out like a soloist in a chorus of  crimson and purple.  Where pretty pinks have been planted in perfect rows, ready for the rally of April and May, two tiny thistles, from who knows where, turn their furry heads among the tulip terpsichore; wowing us with the winds of change.

So it goes with my to do list; all orderly in my mind and on the lines before me…until the morrow when my brow furrows question marks and  what will be will be.

With nary a feather or a fig from me.

I’m only a spear carrier in this opera; doing what I can to play my part with good orderly direction; which actually, in anachronism speak, is


And by whatever name we all call a power greater than ourselves; Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Allah, Yeshuah, Jesus, Angels, Buddha, The One, Good, All That Is, the Universe, to name but a few, our days and doings get rearranged for our best interest, balance and Highest Good.

I always say that I do not wear glasses for no reason.  Being diagnosed in early childhood as near sighted  should have been a tip off.

My vision goes only so far and my list is not the only to do list.

I have a very creative mind and energy with an affinity for organization and consistency.  The challenge for me is also to remember that I also like new things, positive surprises and adventures in life.  I enjoy the path and off the path journeys and feel guided benevolently along the way.

Accomplishing is part of who I am.

And, here is this to do list each day which never gets done; keeping me in the now and nudging me to see where I can practice letting go; feel satisfied with what I can accomplish; be open to change; patient with process and is very much like I am; like we all are, works of art in progress.

In between the lines of the list, unscheduled activities crop up such as pausing, pondering and just plain breathing; those sacred spaces between the lines where simply ceasing may bring about better than the best we can imagine.

Maybe a better appellation would be a more Shakespearean one…  a

to do and not to do list.

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