Wearin’ O’ The Green

by florence ondré

Softly underfoot; wrapping the hills and yards with velvet,  green, green grass of home in the Emerald City of Seattle and rolling over the mountains and valleys of Pacific Northwest Washington state; vibrant as the land of Erin, shrubs and trees leafing myriad shades jade.olive, forest, lime and emerald calm the tattered and tired soul of this hurricane flood survivor.

The quiet of soft and slate greys above and the profusion of lushness of rebirth and earth abundance all around, say, “Rest ye weary traveler. Shrug your cares off  exhausted shoulders.  Take your time. Bear no burdens this day.”

Mother Earth is sporting the brightest and the best of verdant holiday wear and smiling healing all around.

With eyes, heart and soul filled to the brim with gratitude and peace,  my neighbor calls and brings a hug, a laugh and a warm platter of her homemade corned beef and cabbage for us.  What else could follow such satiation….. than a nap?!

Thanks Angels.  Thanks Monika.


See you on the flip side!

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