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Quote For The Day

September 19, 2012

“Don’t Think.  Thank.”

Who Cut The Cheese?

September 6, 2012

As we were checking out at Trader Joe’s, the tall, tropical-shirted guy at the register eyed our basket and asked, “So, what have you got planned for this evening?”

To which I replied, “Oh, not much. Gonna stay in and watch the Democratic Convention.”

After a deadpan couple of beats, he said, “Well, with all that cheese, I thought you were gonna have a party or something!”

Taken aback by any employee, of any market, commenting on the food I’m purchasing, I found myself looking down at  the 3 little boxes of Boursin, as I countered, “Well it goes with celery.”

‘What?’ said a voice in my head. ‘What?!’

And just in case he was of the other political persuasion, who’d already had their convention the week prior, and wanting to keep my own political preferences private, I added, “I believe if you watch one convention, you should watch both.”


Which got a big, “That’s the way to go!” from him.

On the way out of the store, I felt discombobulated; wondering what the heck that was all about and wishing I hadn’t gotten a case of the ‘have to reply’ blah blahs.

At home, I thought about the encounter, the energy, the intrusion, the political insertion.


I buy that cheese there because it’s less expensive than at other markets and even beats Costco’s price because I can get 3 of the original kind instead of the variety Costco 3 pack.

And it keeps nicely and does go well with celery and crackers and makes a tasty stuffing for chicken cutlets and livens our healthy snacking.

Why did I feel like I had to justify my food purchases to an imperfect stranger?

“And what was with the politics?” I asked myself out loud in the shower later that night.

I guffawed out loud under the waterfall as it came to me, like the scene from the movie, “Bruce Almighty.” where the lead, played by Jim Carrey, is down on his hands and knees in the middle of the road on a dark and rainy night; railing at God to send him a sign; while a department of transportation truck full of Stop, Yield and Slow signs goes right by him unnoticed….

Another universal joke….cheese and politics.


Of course they go together, however oddly as it may happen…lighten up; let’s face it…anyway you slice it,

Political parties are cheesy!


My beloved quips, “Shoulda told that guy, we were part of the Wisconsin delegation!”

Now I have visions of big yellow wedge shaped hats…..which proves my point.


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