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Summer Rain

August 27, 2012

Is there anything sweeter than a Summer rain?

Breathe in and be taken on a trip in time to childhood, love and any green growing carefree part of your life.

Breathe remembrance on the scent of memories; wet pavement, rain dripping, pouring, tinkling, thrumming; rainbows, wet grass, wet dogs; kids running between raindrops or puddle splashing.

Raise your face to the slate sky.

Allow your own rain to run down your cheeks, joining with Heaven’s tears.

Get soaked in sadness, sillyness, and suspended safe, secure known, now.

Shift perception of what is ‘have-to’ important.

Stay still.

Sigh with me on this rainy Summer day.

Is there anything sweeter for the soul than a Summer rain?


Quote For The Day

August 27, 2012

“My grown children think they know me and what I want….or they’re guessing.

They’re guessing.”

by Florence Ondré

Know Thy Self

August 27, 2012

Upon non-compliance with guidance for his two year old safety, his mother, Hope, asked, “Do you need a time out?”

Jack replied simply, “Yes,” and climbed up into the chair to sit. 

Quote For The Day

August 15, 2012

“While being young is an accident of time, youth is a permanent state of mind.”

Frank Lloyd Wright… ( who as still designing at at 92 when he died)

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