The Gratitude Pool

I’m grateful tonite to dabble my toes in the G Pool.

Appreciation of so many ‘little’ things catch my mind’s eye and meander through my consciousness:

Cooler temps for sleeping; a comfy bed with soft oomphy squooshy pillows that support my neck; cool, clean sheets and a soft comforter to burrow beneath like a bear hibernation;

A safe roof over our heads; enough to eat; enough to pay the bills and enough to go to a movie.

I’m grateful for the creative teams who make good movies like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” which has characters and lines that stay in one’s heart and funny bone;

Eyesight which allows us to see and enjoy the fruits of last year’s planting labors;

Awe as dahlias bloom monster mop heads of riotous color in our garden;

Ears to hear crows who caw-caw us awake to the sound of their cleaning our rain gutters for us;

Bright blue stellar jays and songbirds and hummingbirds visiting with a host of many colored butterflies.

This morning when I awoke and breathed in the gratitude for another day, my next thought was, “It smells like summer; like childhood on a good day.”

I’m still smiling.

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