Swimming In Tremorous Time

Slate grey yellow hung the sky as I groggily yet easy stretchingly awoke.

‘Another rainy day,’ I thought half between sleeping and wide awake; in that state of feeling underwater and not quite knowing which way was up to air or down to sandy bottom.

Reaching for my latest book beside the pillow, I proceeded to read a few lines; picking up where I left off before sliding into soft, easy threads of 400 count dreamland, until I jumped up inside myself without moving a muscle from prone position.

The clock read 8:35.

Whew!  Still time to get ready for my day’s first appointment at 11:15 A.M.

Had I lost a whole day and night?

Well, I did seem easier in my body; more fluid in the flow of in betweenness.

Was it Tuesday or Wednesday?

Had one set of hours slipped so easily into another in a wave wash of time?

Gaging and gazing at the odd quality of light, from pillow perch, it dawned on me.

This was 8:35 P.M.!

The gray, rainy afternoon nap had morphed into dun colored time out of time.

Softly padding to the living room; stunned, sitting shaken at my desk; peering through panes, colors and cloud shapes hung peach and wedgwood over green stillness.

I shook my head in cobwebbed amazement and wobbly wondered, ‘Is this what aging or alzheimer’s beginnings are like? A slippage or tight walk on elasticity of time?’


2 Responses to “Swimming In Tremorous Time”

  1. Ray Says:

    I too find time drifting from one thing to another. One mnute turns to an hour and then a day. Sometimes I have to count on my fingers to figure out the day of the week.

    I can smell your rain, hear it aganst the window. My aching bones tell me of the rain long before I see it.

  2. Ray Says:

    Thank yoou for a descriptive morning.

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