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Anticipating Good

June 28, 2012

Came to sit and write…..




waited some more.

turns out my mind’s a blank page….

so it seems that this day’s page is spread before me; ready to have wonderful surprises yet written upon it!

Swimming In Tremorous Time

June 27, 2012

Slate grey yellow hung the sky as I groggily yet easy stretchingly awoke.

‘Another rainy day,’ I thought half between sleeping and wide awake; in that state of feeling underwater and not quite knowing which way was up to air or down to sandy bottom.

Reaching for my latest book beside the pillow, I proceeded to read a few lines; picking up where I left off before sliding into soft, easy threads of 400 count dreamland, until I jumped up inside myself without moving a muscle from prone position.

The clock read 8:35.

Whew!  Still time to get ready for my day’s first appointment at 11:15 A.M.

Had I lost a whole day and night?

Well, I did seem easier in my body; more fluid in the flow of in betweenness.

Was it Tuesday or Wednesday?

Had one set of hours slipped so easily into another in a wave wash of time?

Gaging and gazing at the odd quality of light, from pillow perch, it dawned on me.

This was 8:35 P.M.!

The gray, rainy afternoon nap had morphed into dun colored time out of time.

Softly padding to the living room; stunned, sitting shaken at my desk; peering through panes, colors and cloud shapes hung peach and wedgwood over green stillness.

I shook my head in cobwebbed amazement and wobbly wondered, ‘Is this what aging or alzheimer’s beginnings are like? A slippage or tight walk on elasticity of time?’



The Peaceful Quiet

June 22, 2012

After sunshine for days; all raucous, brightening up the blooms and showing off vivid hues of flowers stretching their petals wide to drink in life giving light, today curtains of  rain hush everything to droplets pitter pattering down from a soft grey shawl of a sky to gladden and glisten every green rising from Mother Earth.  I look out my window and see at least 20 different kinds of emerald, jade, forest, apple, loden, olive and lime.  It is a lush day; plumped up and satiated by the misty mystery of God’s sprinkler system.

And all doings which call to my mind, ‘come play,’ sit down in wet wonder and drink in the peaceful quiet.

Thought For The Day

June 15, 2012

The question is often asked, “What can I, one person, do to make a positive difference in the world?”

An answer might be, regardless of means or physical ability, differences or geographics, we each are empowered with choices to think a kind thought, change a negative or judgmental thought to a positive one about persons, places and experiences and opt for a thought of compassion or gratitude.  It only takes a moment and can be done from anywhere; anytime.

The energy riding on your thoughts goes out into the world to build positive or negative for all people and our planet.

We may not see the results yet, as surely as you are sitting and reading these words, you make a difference.

It takes courage to speak for those who cannot and but a nanosecond for any of us to become voiceless or feel hopeless.

Thankfully, it is good to know that somewhere some dear empowered kind hearted soul is sustaining us with kind thoughts and words; winging uplifting energy our way…..and that dear, courageous person who makes such a positive difference in the world is YOU!

Thank you.

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