I Wrote A Song And It Woke Me Up

can’t remember the words

they’re lyrics i never have heard

still they sounded so neat in a melody sweet

written for someone i may or not meet.


it was shared in a rhythmic space

circular motion the time in the place

was it worth the daring?  question way beyond caring

soul upon sleeve  ready wearing


the one near my side sung unusually

from warmth of  low notes to high coolly

rust revealing the wealth stuck on long ago shelf

moved me to add thoughts the shape of myself


pure sound that encompassed all seasons

poured forth with no hint of known reasons

it was simply a stair from inside to mid air

from a voice most surprisingly fair


all at once i was speaking  rhyme

syllables one at a time

fitting the sounds i was hearing in rounds

wondering who this was for human bound


the pairing united in song

uncharted, unplanned feelings strong

it was may -no- september-heck, i can’t remember


it’s gone off on its own!


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