Thanks Martha

Sometimes gifts in a day are unexpected; softening the heart which may not have known was a bit clenched on automatic…

Like running into a friend one hasn’t seen in many years and spending a few minutes out of a busy day reconnecting in the warmth of the sun.

This pause refreshes not only the moment of meeting, it transcends that time frame and flows like a river of mmmmmmmmm into the rest of the day; leaving trails of smiles on the road to tomorrow.

One Response to “Thanks Martha”

  1. Ray Says:

    Someday while the sun warms my face
    I imagine I hear your name
    I can feel the salt spray
    My lips burn with sun and salt
    But I’ll stay for awhile
    And track the hidden mile of your smile

    Someday I will find the man I used to be
    Or the man I wished I’d been
    And then because I’m just a man
    You’ll find my feet are made of clay
    Like every other man, I’ll never be that man
    But till that time, I’ll tell you lies

    Friends are forever and we take our friends
    With all their nicks and dents
    We look beyond the image
    And are able to see the soul
    Time or space will not separate friends

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