Of Wings And Wind

I have been thinking of all the people who enrich our lives with the services and work they do every day to keep us all safe and warm; well fed and clean in our world….people who we might seem to take for granted because they are so integral with our living conditions…people like the truck driver’s who carry all our goods and food stuffs across many miles to stores, so that we may eat and live well; people who pick up our trash each week so we can be healthy and clean; people who drive our buses, railways, cabs and subways so that we may get to our destinations safely; people who provide us with electricity and clean water and keep our plumbing and dwellings in good repair; people who make sure the mail gets to us and communications stay open, clear and delivered; repair personnel out in the weather and in factories, shops and facilities; people who wipe down our tables in restaurants so each of us can have a clean table at which to comfortably eat; people who wash dishes and chop vegetables and cook meals and sling hash and wait tables at all hours of the day and night; people on assembly lines who are as important as the inventors and manufacturers of goods; people who teach and people who clean; caregivers to youngsters, seniors and disabled; people at checkout counters and people who work in factories, companies, laboratories, offices and shops; people who sew, weave, sweep, assemble, make and fix things, talk to us on phones, tot up numbers, keep paperwork in order and grease the wheels of industries; people who get up at the crack of dawn to plant, grow, reap and tend livestock to keep us well fed; people who work in hospitals caring and curing, cleaning rooms, making beds, emptying bedpans, monitoring and dispensing meds, bringing water, stocking the necessities and giving a kind smile with the magazine, book or tv hookup; people on street corners who sing, strum or play an instrument and share their music with us all; people who write and share the poetry of their souls without acclaim; people who toil in anonymous silence and try to stay true to their calling; people who meet and greet with a smile and a cheery hello; people on land, in air and at sea who gift us with their skills, time, attention, talents and abilities every moment of the day around the world…..

People like you with your own special positive touch in every endeavor who are an integral part of our lives; you are important.

This day, this moment, take pride in your work; swell with satisfaction.  You have earned it and do so every day.

It may seem that the very visible jobs get the recognition.  It may seem easy to thank the surgeon who saved your life or the professional who stands out in the spotlight of face to face in seminal moments and particular occasion of one’s life; yet it is you who are our unsung heroes and are essential to our well being.

In addition I add all teachers at every level of our lives from family members to schools and life experiences; to those who take time to teach any child or adult one lesson in life, you make our world a better place simply by giving the gift of your self and moving on in constancy.  Like a pebble in the pond, you touch one being as each lesson and kindness ripples out forever to enrich all lives in ways you may never imagine.

We may not know your name or see you face to face, yet please know that, as sure as you are reading this, you are thanked and much appreciated for your contribution to society and to each individual who benefits from you having done your job.

You matter.

Thank you.

Like the song says, “You are the wind beneath our wings.”

One Response to “Of Wings And Wind”

  1. tfree Says:

    Lovey Florence!

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