“Edge Of Seasons”

Sunny Sunday
Beach breezes blowing coolness off the Atlantic
New roses, pink and petals fluttering
Riotous red Cardinals brightening georgeousness of greens hedges and tree leaves;
Trilling exciting new summer songs
People parading with surfboards under wetsuited arms
Bicyclers pedaling by; leaving trails of sunshine smiles as they speed along
Strollers taking in the sun on a pleasant constitutional
Babies happily babbling to the tune of perambulation
Neighborhood dogs calling bow wow hellos to each other
Dining al fresco, a mid day highlight
Enjoyment afoot

And then they roll in, sweeping sun from view
At once, in a moment’s time span, it is grey and misty
And all cools.
Goodbye May
Hello June

Nap time is nigh


2 Responses to ““Edge Of Seasons””

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    A distinctly feel good poem. Sadly ill be spending most of my summer indoors

  2. Florence Says:

    thanks for your kind comment.
    glad it made you feel good.
    i spent many years of summers indoors with a spine injury so i know what you mean. lots of my writing about nature was what i observed from my window. details i would have missed being hale & hearty & on the go, became lovely moments that gave me pause for reflection and peaceful enjoyment that i would have otherwise missed, if the universe hadn’t flattened me with an all out stop.
    today i’m grateful for what made me sad & frustrated.
    may your summer be filled with positive surprises which enrich your energy and insights & make you feel good too.
    in light

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