“E.T. Phone Home”

It’s one of those days today.
Fuzzy brained and feeling covered with a big blanket of velour, I know I’m awake yet half of me is asleep somewhere in the cosmos..
What is in retrograde today?
No matter how well I’ve worded or worked, whatever is done winds up having to be redone.
A red sock finds it’s way into a load of carefully sorted whites; buttons pushed to answer phones disconnect instead; in the best of intentions of recycling, checks wind up in the shredder with the envelopes in which they came and books with intriguing titles are begun which seem to have a familiar ring as you delve into the second or third chapter only to find yourself realizing, “My God. I’ve read this one already!”
Yes. Today was one of those days.
An email sent to me by my friend, Carol, made me think enough to want to share with others. 
So, I cut, pasted, eliminated the naggy part at the bottom which usually attempts to guilt you into sending to ’10 of your best friends’ and threatens with some kind of negative reprisals from the Gods of Bad Luck if you don’t. Then I added a personal note, a quote of my own and, after making sure it was all in order, sent with Light & Love.
Minutes later, I get a reply from my friend, Ben, thanking me for the lovely thoughts and discreetly pointing out a small error in my own quote. “I think you meant to type it differently… not sure,” writes he ever so lovingly giving me a heads up. He knows I’ll go crazy over the mistake if left uncorrected.
I’m a stickler for spelling and live in fear of looking like an uneducated schmuck for ‘putting i before e after c,’ leaving out any of what should be double letters or writing ‘there’ when i mean ‘their.’ 
You get the picture. 
Perfectionism is one of my challenges in many things and the rules in English class still ring in my head.
Yet, as diligent as I may try to be, electronic components of energy zip in and zap my best efforts, sending out half words crunched together, missing first letters of words and a nice word picture of me as either lunatic, space cadet or unintelligent.
“A writer?” I can hear people whisper in my head full of critiques. “Is she delusional?” 
‘Tsk tsks’ slip across the ethernet and I cringe thinking, “I can’t believe I just sent that out! Yeah, great. Nice to be quoted as the poet who can’t spell…or spellcheck!”
I can’t believe that my perfectly worded AND SPELLED missive wound up with a glaring word crunch- in red no less-size 20 type!
What is left to do?
Of course. Out goes the follow up e in which I edit the quote, spell the offending word correctly and fix the wordbotch glitch.
And then thank AOL once again for an oops which gave me yet another opportunity to grow in humility, let go of perfection and practice of patience with the wonderfully flawed process of being human…in an electronic age.

One Response to ““E.T. Phone Home””

  1. Carol Says:

    Such clarity, I love reading your writings!!!!
    But then again I have had the gift to read your writings
    for many years.

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