Quote For The Day

“Reasonable people will understand.”
Owen Lager, composer and musical director

3 Responses to “Quote For The Day”

  1. Robert Cohen Says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Owen Lager. I am producing a show. Can you forward my email address to him? coneheads1@optonline.net

  2. Florence Says:

    hi robert,
    our dear friend, owen, has been quite ill for quite a while now & is in a hempstead nursing/rehab facility.
    you may email at his e dress to say hello.
    i’m sure he would love hearing from you & getting a theatre shot in the arm.
    his home phone is still operable & his family would pass on any message from you to him.
    theatre connections are always a lift of the spirit.
    in light & love

  3. Stacey Drucker Says:

    I have known Owen since I was 13 years old – he was the music teacher at my Hebrew school. I reconnected with him in 1999 through the Long Island theatre community. I moved to San Francisco 2 years ago and have lost touch with many people. I have emailed Owen at the address I used previously, and got a message back saying it was not a valid email address. If you could pass my email to him (staciedee9@yahoo.com), or let me have his current email, I would be *very* appreciative. Owen is in my prayers every night.

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