The Gratitude Pool

Who would have thought a full night’s sleep would rate so high on the Richter scale of things most cherished?

Not getting up once to have to pee or rub analgesics on or take a pain pill; wow!

Feeling comfortable in any sleep position without body parts grouching or complaining or keeping zzz’s away until you black out from sheer fatigue: double wow!

Talk about your natural highs; without cliff hanging in any way whatsoever!

And this comes my way after a day of intense spine and neck pain to the point of nausea, after a morning acupuncture session, afternoon grocery shopping and forgetting to eat all day.

I am the most surprised woman on the planet and happily so.

I thank the Angels, Master Healers of the Universe, ancestors and loved ones crossed over and God for any and all help in giving me this most luxurious gift…a full night’s restfull-and I do mean full-sleep.

How sweet it is to stretch in the morning with ease; to feel the softness of sheets and the comfort of bed and pillow; to love my body’s elasticity.

What awe to find that the clock announces 9:30AM  instead of 3, 4, 5 and 6AM after gettinginto bed at midnight.

I am so thankful that shift happens!

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