The Gratitude Pool

More than time to dip the toe in the pool of gratitude.

I’m so grateful to write online again after 4 months of not being physically able.  I’m grateful for rest and replenishment and grateful to have become more acutely aware of the need for balance in the expenditure of that precious commodity-my energy.

I’m grateful for oxygen getting to my brain and brightening my senses and for every physical ability this amazing thing called a body can do—especially healing itself…if only I give it the honor of resting time in which to complete its resetting and restructuring in ways better than I can imagine.

I’m grateful to know also that, no matter what anyone else thinks,  I am just perfect wherever I am in the process of healing.   There is no “too slow” or “too fast.”  There is only perfection in each moment and the less I struggle against what is, the better I go…(or not).

In Light and Love,


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