A Valentine Vision

Happy Valentines Day!

Today, I was stuck indoors with a fractured foot, feeling like love was the last thing on my list. A 40 to 50 mile an hour winds off the ocean Nor’easter has covered our world with ice; transformed pavement into skating avenues and frozen every outside form into fantastical sculptures. Looking out my windows, there was startling beauty and life unexpected popping into vision, which I realized was meant to share. Here is what I saw…

Close your eyes and picture this Valentine Vision Gift for you:

Ice encrusted branches of crystal limbs of hedges with red berries…each one a Ruby in a Diamond ice ball; all gracefully dancing in the wind, and, in the solid ice branches of the leafless Maple tree, one bright red Cardinal alights to sing a snowy song of Valentine hello to remind you that you are loved.

Many Blessings in Light and Love,

Florence Ondré

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