What’s Left Is Right

by Florence Ondré

When the moment presents an opportunity to speak from your heart and say things that may be difficult, therein lies the release from words and feelings crowding; confusing and chaotic; crying for space to fly from you to unburden you.

This moment of hardness of the golden opportunity softens with your first uttering of your truth into the silver lining of challenging experiences.

As you set free from the cage of your being that which is aching and weighing, your spirit lightens and, no matter the outcome or response from others against your truth, no thing diminishes your act of courage; your standing in your own light.

The treasure which can then shine brightly is a fullness of you in cessation of shadow.

You speak directly from your heart in balance with your head and gut… and what is left is right.


2 Responses to “What’s Left Is Right”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    As usual you are spot on. No one has the ability to condense spirituality and the meaning of life as you do.
    Love Phyllis

  2. Florence Says:

    hi phyllis,
    thanks for the visit and your comment is much appreciated. i think the angels were at work in these words.
    …and personal crunch experience will squeeze out meaning in the wilderness moments of life.
    light & love

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