The Gratitude Pool

I’m grateful for good friends who can really hear me. I cherish those who can simply say, “Tell me you pain; your struggle. I will hear you with my heart and not judge you or fix you.”

I’m blessed with friends who I do not always agree with nor them me and yet they come when I am in need like lemmings who cannot keep themselves from the cry of crashing.

It is like their heart ears are so attuned to my energy that when there is a breach therein, they feel it in its voids or reverberations in the Universe. Their divine sensitivity allows them to sense ripples disturbing my usual positive demeanor and outlook. They hear my heart clenching or closing in on wounds to my spirit and nature and they heed the call; each in their own blessing way.

Perhaps a call or side conversation when we are alone to check in with me and not let me get away without a reality check and a bit of the balm of unconditional love.

They drop their other plans and meet me at restaurants, parks or grottos to be there for me; to listen, to hear and to hold me gently in light.

They check in to see if I’m viewing myself as a victim and remind me with their light of love that I am capable, worthy of good treatment in the world and able to leap tall shadows in as many bounds as is right for me.

They say to their mates, “I know we had plans, dear, but my friend needs me right now. I want to be there for her,” in much the same way I say it when it’s their turns to need soul food nourishment. The mates don’t mind. They have honor for friends who are there in the crunches. By extension, those others become part of a healing team whether they know it or not. They too are part of a circle of unconditional love and healing… a soothing to my soul.

In this circle, we know we each can stand on our own two feet and figure things out for ourselves. We acknowledge and applaud that dignity. We know that no one can walk our paths for us or change our feelings and we also know that we make rough roads a bit smoother to travel by the extending our hands of help in the simple, profound gift of hearing.

I love these sensitives and am blessed to call them friend.


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