007…more exciting than the movies!

by Florence Ondré

007 is near.

Can you hear the James Bond music playing in the background?

The notes have the air of mystery and anticipation of a light, engaging experience which comes always to a positive end where romance meets romance, chase scenes are spectacular, scenery is eye popping, everyone looks fantastic, good triumphs and the endings always bring on million mega watt smiles .

You hear the intro and you know the ride will be exciting and fun and the outcomes will be positive.

Remember those movies of daring, romance and joi de vivre? You never knew how the outcomes of life’s adventures would look up there on the silver screen and yet you knew they would be positive in ways you mightn’t imagine.

I’ve been saying for years, let the outcomes be better than I can imagine and my friend, Cindy, a writer of inspirational aphorisms, adds…better than the best I can imagine!

I say let’s look for those Double 07 threads and results in our own lives in the new year.

I feel the anticipation of a year upon us which has all those components of a sense of surety and strength which comes from knowing you are

centered and acting for the Highest Good of your self and all; partnering with that energy, taking direction from those you trust and from that still sure voice within you; keeping your sensitivity and compassion alive as your story unfolds; being patient yet continuing to believe in and affirm, nay demand, that the outcome of each situation be better than the best you can imagine and for the Highest Good of all.

Then watch how it comes about out of seemingly secret places and what has been around you longer than you were aware.

Remember too, even 007 got side swiped a few times before he triumphed and when he thought he was done for, the helicopters arrived out of the blue and dropped him a rope or he noticed a pin in blades of grass or a pile of dust which got him out of manacles…surprises, surprises!

You, like our suave James, have resources which come to you at just the right time even if you don’t see them now. They will be your own versions of the car that spills ink out the back to foil the chase, the pen which doubles as neutralizer spray, camera, computer and fax, or the watch which tell more than time with its hidden mechanisms of lock pick, communicator and recorder.

Get ready folks. It’s going to be an exciting year filled with positive 007 outcomes.

Draw yourself up. Tilt your head to that rakish Bond angle. Sense your inner and outer surroundings. Feel the confidence and entitlement to the best of the best.

Count down is upon us. The adventure begins.

Film is about to roll and you are the star.

Do you hear the music?

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