A Rose By Any Other Name…

by Florence Ondré

“Oh, honey, I heard you making sleepy noises last night. You sounded soooo cute!”

That was my body’s gasping for life breath during the night of sleep; also known as the little death.

Isn’t it humorous how love can change even the worst gargling sounds into coos; the most unimaginable ralings into adorable traits and the human body’s hoots and toots into something to chuckle about?!

Whistles, eeks and squeaks and pit stop rests in between ee aws and lip quavering brrrs are anything but cute folks.

Let’s be honest here…it’s snoring!
Plain and simple, not too attractive noise that rocks and rolls the house, shakes the bed and rattles your bones!

It’s serious stuff. People can stop breathing. You can lose loved ones – from your sleeping quarters and your life. (Isn’t there a box under the ’cause’ heading you can check nowadays when filing for divorce that says, “Irreconcilable Snoring?”)

Can you remember a time when you thought, “Oh, it’s not me. It’s only the other person who makes those silly sounds?” And now, here you find yourself facing the stone cold, hard truth….It’s you!!!!!!!
You’ve become the in-residence noisemaker.

How could that have happened? You’ve been dainty all your life and now you are in the buzz saw category without so much as a by-your-leave from the Gods!

Here’s what you’ve come to in life:

The only saving grace is that you have someone who loves you who thinks you’re
making ‘sleepy noises’… and you’re cute.

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