H2-OH No You Didn’t!


As seen just outside the Ski and Snowboard Expo at Qwest Field Arena.

Hey asshole, if your car mindless behemoth is too big for a parking spot that is appropriately sized for the rest of humanity, this might not be the best way to “compensate.”

From Florence: Thanks Courtney at Seattlest for another whopping WTF.

And may I add that, to my knowledge, flipping of the earth’s axis hasn’t yet occurred (tho many sci fi writers have described this end of the world scenario where a hummer – of any kind – would be a handy thing to have for survival in the frozen wasteland) nor have we become the outback of anywhere.

I know the tough urban streets may feel like a fight for life during rush hour traffic but if I see you out there in your big ass monster machine, hogging the pavement, I’m bound to flash you the “What Could You Be Thinking?” card. (It says WTF on the flipside.)

I envision a phalanx of motorized wheelchair-bound people slapping chains on this sucker and hauling the hunk o junk to the dump while gaily humming, “We Shall Overcome or Aint No Mountain High Enough.”

Imagine the lyrical look of duh on the selfish egomaniac owner’s face when he comes out to find the reflection of his blank look mirroring up from the concrete. “Now where did I park my johnson-oops-expression of my lack of self-oops-roadhog-oops-vehicle?”

Well, buddy, when you find it (if you do), haul on up to the north forty. The fields need a plowin, the tractor’s broke and the horse won’t pull.

Now there’s a use for an ass.

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