The Gratitude Pool: HugsSpread

In any language, hugs are a symbol of caring, humanity’s good, an opportunity to touch and be touched in a world where these are suspect and sometimes dangerous.
I thank those who dared to stand out in the crowd of what we’ve become in our own lives: passersby.
These generous, risk taking souls remind us that, regardless of where we live in the world, what language we speak, what our beliefs, age, gender, race; we are connected. Our energy responds with delight each time we heed the human need for wholesome, good touch.
It’s what we give our kids and then tell them not to accept from strangers. For safety’s sake, we teach our kids discretion, discernment and self caring, which is a good thing. And it sticks with us for the rest of our lives; sometimes past the expiration date of childhood’s years. Just watch as adult people walk by as if they didn’t see this unusual person with the Free Hugs sign. Watch as they reconsider, go back, give a tentative half hug and journey on lighter and happier with kid smiles on former focused, serious faces. Watch how surprised they can be at how good they feel.
The joy is contagious. Feeling better for the human touch; given safely, freely with no restraints from the heart, sparks that connective, happy energy inside of each receiver till they become givers too. Watch some folks, big and small, really get into it with the abandon of the joy of the child alive and well and living inside each of us who breathe on this planet.
Watch the fun of it all turn to peace and a unity of spirit. It’s a circle of light.
Not a bad exchange for a couple of moments spent taking a chance on hugs!
Think I’m going to go out and hug a tree today too. An exchange of living, breathing appreciative energy that feeds the soul of both giver and receiver. That’s good energy too.
For free yet, already!


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