The Gratitude Pool

I’m grateful there is gratitude in the world; being multiplied by all of us who become aware of and express our own.
In Light and Love,


2 Responses to “The Gratitude Pool”

  1. kathy castano Says:

    Golden blur of monarch butterflies pass me at the oddest moments of my day-getting out of my car, taking out the trash-swish-suddenly I’m aware of its delicate fluttering passing me & I am humbled and amazed that its journey homeward continues season upon season. I’m grateful for such beauty & send a send a Thank You to the Universe.

  2. Florence Says:

    ahhh, kathy, thanks for visiting and sharing your gratitude in such a beautiful poetic form. your heart shines through.
    i love “the golden blur of monarch butterfies”
    true true. the humbling at such beauty.
    blessings in light & love,

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