A friend sent this ambigram today.
When you look at the image, what do you see?

Can you see the word, evil, inside the word,good?

It got me thinking about things like- balance in the world- which helps me remember that when things look bad/evil, there might just be good in process of taking shape.
Here’s where I like that scarysome word, change. (‘Yeah, God, let’s get this ‘evil stuff’ outta here fast!’ as opposed to, ‘holy smokes, what kind of evil change are you gonna dump on me today?’ )

Then I got to cogitating about that word, evil, (which has been thrown around since 9/11 like political/religious, superfluous chump change everytime someone does something someone else doesn’t agree with or like)
If you turn the word, evil, around it spells live!
Look at stuff long enough. Live long enough. And watch how your feelings and actions change on any subject. (Especially if the spotlight gets klieg-lighted on you!)
Call me Anne-Frankish. Most days I believe that evil is a mirage trying to cover up so much good in the world; an attention starved trickster, pip-squeaking to grab our focus.

So, check out my quote for the day, below. Breathe some positive energy into yourself and breathe out anything else into light to become more light. There’s balance in everything. What you wish to focus on is your choice.


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