The Why Of Butterflies

by Florence Ondré
While everyone (me included) is talking about how the world is going to Hell in a handbasket and my blood is boiling over the shame of man’s worst behavior, here are all these butterflies; georgeousness on the wing, flitting, flying to and fro in multitudes to remind me that there is still beauty in the world; nearer than I think.
This is a much better focus.
As these creatures of grace and shimmering flutter come calling, I find my anger disintegrating, like smoke into air, and my despair that goodness is succumbing to the tide of offal, shivering off my shoulders. I am warmed by sighs of relief and gratitude for their reminder of simple profound beauty.
As they hang upside down sipping nectar from flower bells; as they light upon leaves and pose ever so patiently in the grass until just the right ray of sunshine shows these artists models off to their best advantage, they urge me to keep my eye on that which heals my soul instead of rending it.
There is more beauty and more light in the world.
The rest is merely moving on through.


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