The Gratitude Pool

I’m grateful for meaningful work, creative work, balanced by thoughtfulness in a day set aside for contemplation.
I’m grateful for a friend’s suggestion of breaking the fast of the day with a feast at our favorite restaurant, East. A banquet was just what we all needed and I’m grateful the owners were in residence tonight because they are so wonderful in including us in their family. The mom is the creative genius for each new dish and loves sharing with us. Tonight was an Asian delicacy…duck’s tongues. Yeah, I was a bit squeamish. I’m not that off the charts daring but was grateful I had the courage to try the ‘duck of a different fixing!’
In Light & Love,


2 Responses to “The Gratitude Pool”

  1. Daniel Brenton Says:

    Florence —

    Ran across your site (I was doing a search on “gratitude” through Google blogsearch). You’ve put together a peaceful place.

    I would have used a contact page for this, but I couldn’t find one. Forgive me if this seems like spamming. What I wanted to say is you might enjoy my gratitude blog.

    All the best,


  2. Florence Says:

    Thanks Daniel,
    I’m grateful there’s a lot of gratitude in the world…more than we know.
    We all make a difference with accessing our own.
    Peace to you and yours.
    In Light,

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