Somewhere Over…

At the end of a long, tiring day with the homeward commute stretching to a crawl; feeling like a trek across a couple of continents’ worth of parking lot, what can you focus on to keep yourself from going out of your gourd?

Sure, put on some tunes or your favorite talk or news radio. Call up a couple of friends on your cell. They’re probably pretty much in the same parade as you. Commiserate.

Call home to tell them you’re probably going to be late—again. Yada yada for a while and when your battery conks out, now what?

Well, choices come to mind.

Sit and stew over everything that went wrong at the job or drive yourself into knots with worry over what didn’t get done. Hate the damnable traffic that snarls you in it each day. Get into some really gnarly road rage. Arrive home flying your cranky flag high.

Be open to trying something new; something that might just put the time stuck in the car to time benefitting you.

Here ya go. It’s simple.

Feel all your feelings as they come to your awareness; notice each one and breathe into the feeling as you notice.

Feel, breathe in, notice, and breathe out each feeling, situation, bit of tension or worry that comes to mind. Allow each to go out from you on the breath, into Light to become more Light. (Good recycling. Nice way to not pollute the Universe. Look what good you’re doing already just driving home from work. You’ve got gold stars piling up before you even hit homeplate!)

Next, notice how much easier you feel in your own skin; how much lower your shoulders are from your ears; how much more relieved your neck is balancing that bowling ball on the top of your spine.

Take a look at your fellow commuters in their little space capsules all around you. Get crazy.  Smile at them.

Who cares if they think you’re a nut case?!  Think macadamian, pecan, filbert, zagnut!  Watch and see who smiles back.  Just notice.

Now, go really wacky and daring.  Let someone in ahead of you.

Go on, get nutty.  The next time you see someone signaling; wave them on like you’re the royalty of the road bestowing your largess upon them.  Use your hands to signal them on in front of you and wave like you’re the most courteous traffic attendant…’no, you go; no, you go; no, you go.’

Notice how nice that feels: generous, less angry and tense, happy, lighter, fun.
Notice that there really is enough space for everyone.  How many times have you been in a hurry or seen someone else in such an all-fire rush, cutting in and out and winding up, where?  One or two cars ahead or even with those who got cut off.

The space on the pavement might be pretty much the same but, oh, the energy is amped up on the hostility scale.

When someone lets you get in as you’re signaling,  give em the wave and smile with a ‘thank you.’

This stuff just might become contagious.


In your own mind (which is where it all starts), think, “I’m going to leave space in between my car and those around.  I’m going to leave space for change.” (see how I switched that from ‘leave space for stupidity’)

Now, you are practically an Angel on the road.

Why, with all this to keep you busy, you just might find yourself home earlier than usual. Either way, it might seem that way because you feel better than usual.

And, maybe, just maybe, with all that noticing and positive energy, you might begin to see things along the way you might have missed… like the “Long Day’s Journey Into Light” photo below.

What a gift to lift your spirit at the end of a day. You deserve that beauty and Light!


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