The Gratitude Pool (post 1)

Jump right in!

Be a pebble in the Gratitude Pool.

The positive energy will ripple out to touch someone, somewhere in the world.

Ya never know where, how or when.

It just does.

I’ll get the ball rolling (or pebble as it were);

Today I’m grateful I only had to do the welcome to this site 8 times over.

Yeah, coulda been worse. My computer could have frozen altogether (God forbid!) Being a newbie feels like pushing a boulder uphill on a rainy day-all slippy and slidy. It also feels great to learn and achieve after falling on my cyberface like the biggest klutz in the Universe.

(Thank the Inter-Spirit that there’s a “net.”)

And I only yelled at the dog once so far and snapped the head off my partner twice. (It’s not only dogs who can get growly.) Good thing Bailley is a golden retriever…long-suffering…still-loving-you-anyway-no-matter-how-big-a-putz-you- make-of-yourself kind of pooch.

OK. See, there’s another gratitude!

The day is getting better already.

Now, to pick up poop before the “mow, blow and go” show arrives!

That and tackle the bills…


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