Life’s A Banquet…and so am I

by Florence-excerpted from “Prize Roses”

If it is true that I am what I eat,
Then I am a banquet of many fine treats
The sweetness of chocolate, cinnamon spice
Passion fruit, rainbows of tropical ice
Food of all nations where I love to travel
Tasty sensations whose mysteries unravel
Fromage redolent of apples, paté foi gras
Golden raisin couscous from a Turkish bazaar
Mangos, plums, peaches picked straight off world trees
Delectable fishes from Hawaiian seas
Thai food, Italian, high teas, shepherd’s pie
Remembering where I enjoyed them makes my heart sigh
A pot roast, pastrami, a wurst, a knish
A riot of garlic in each hearty dish
Sauces piccata, madeleine and béarnaise
On medallions of chicken, veal, beef so amaze
To perk up and comfort; creating sheer smiles
Do not underestimate food’s winning wiles
Mousse chocolåt or a creamy bruleé
Could just set the stage for a romantic day
Or evening where truffles pile up like boulders
And ripe, ruby raspberries are nibbled off shoulders
A great pizza burger with chocolate egg cream
Makes lunch with my friends a most treasured, fun scene
I’m all that I’ve eaten, the bitter, the sweet
Each lesson I’ve learned is a perfect pomme frite
The fizz and the fizzle; the courage to sample
The known and unusual in portions quit ample
With a wealth of diversity still waiting to taste
There isn’t a moment or morsel to waste
For food I’ve consumed from a bountiful earth
Gives way to gratitude and immeasurable worth
Of lush life represented; emotions full state
One may find these riches paralleled on your plate!


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