Get In On The Ground Floor

house collapse


2 Responses to “Get In On The Ground Floor”

  1. Elaine Varney Says:

    This photo really appeals to me where is it what has happened.? It looks like a house has collapsed. Yet, I find it strangely tranquil. I guess I see a stretch of land with fertile ground.

  2. Florence Says:

    hi elaine,
    this photo was taken somewhere on one of our cross country trips and as we were speeding down the highway of life, it called to me so strongly that tom turned the car around so i could capture it with my camera to share with you.
    i agree there is a peacefulness to the place.
    i thought of it as a good barn on a farm that produced until it could produce no long and gave other smaller farms a chance to create.
    there are days when i look at this image and remind myself that sometimes it’s ok to simply fall down and rest.
    blessings in light & love

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