Still Fugitive After All These Years

by Florence

After reading Paul Rogat Loeb’s thought provoking article, “Fugitive Girl Act,”-posted below (, my thought on abortion rights is still what it’s been for a long time: impatiently pissed.
Can’t the men in political office just keep their hands off women’s bodies for one blasted moment and do their freekin jobs already? The description of which, in my opinion; off the cuff-would be to listen to and serve we-the-people, enact laws the majority wants-like oh, for starters-better education (oops… that might make for more intelligent voters-hmm), put our tax dollars to work for senior citizens (you remember those folks that fed you when you were a little human third base), aid the disabled (wheelchair accessible still needs a lot more accomplishing) and those in need (like victims and families of 9/11 and Katrina), create better medical systems for our citizens to maintain and get healthy, weed out the criminals in their own midst, and, ooh-ooh… freekin listen when our own intelligence tells the idiot at the helm and his crew of pirates that terrorists are planning to bomb the shit out of us!
OK. I know. I used the word, ‘freekin,’ twice in the same paragraph but hey, I’m at wits end with this beat-the-crap-out-of-women and keep-em-barefoot- and-pregnant shit. It’s so waaaaay old, it’s got dune dust on it from the original sands of time.
And it’s dragged up every time Dubya or some other right-wing-my-way-or- the-highway Christian thinks their penis is the biggest on the planet. You know the guys who aren’t too different from the Muslim-kill-everyone-who- doesn’t-believe-what-I believe zealots who would shoot you as soon as pray.
Yeah, the wackadoos who give religion a bum rap.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all men. My guy is an awake, aware human who thinks with his heart balanced with his brains; not his ego outstripping his johnson. And it’s not all Christians nor all Muslims-it’s not even the religions. It’s the testosterone gala of this planet. Little schmekelas; legends in their own minds, grasping for control because they feel so out of that commodity themselves.
If politicians were content, trustworthy and honorable themselves, they might not need to smokescreen and buddy up with the nearest crotch cretin. Then maybe- just maybe- they’d finally leave Roe vs Wade alone and get their hands off trying to legislate what they can’t give up themselves-in or outside their own marriages—-sex!
I say go make a federal case out of guys looking to diddle little boys and those ‘poor lonely hearts’ who want a girl: s/w/f/slim/trim/into sports or the arts/4 to 12 year old preferably. Leave the rape and incest victims alone to choose not to carry a baby within a baby while they’re in grade freekin school. Make it a crime with real punishment for people like, oh…say… priests, to skip across state lines to escape the abortion they leave behind every time they get ‘caught in the confessional’ and Mother Church sends them, all expenses paid, to Aunt St. Mary’s in East Jepip or Sister Katharine, Cecilia, Augusta, Dimwitta’s Retreat in North Hutzaplutz for a bit of ‘R and R.’ Go after these hopscotchers and hold their parent responsible-the Catholic church! We could replenish the national coffers with those penalties. Imagine it…a country without national deficit.
Gosh! You guys in Washington have so much good work to do!
Yes, the face of the American family may be changing. What isn’t? Yet we can still parent and decide what’s best for ourselves and our children individually.
I don’t hear many of us baaing in the streets, poor in need of shepherding because we’ve lost our way.
Look first in thine own mirror Congress and, while you’re at it, get some compassion on that journey of searching up your ass for your brains.


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